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Artwork Guidelines

You may upload your logo/artwork on Step 2- Personalization, Free Standard Personalization template or email it to art@crystalplus.com with your order number in the email subject line after checking out the order.  Please refer the following logo/artwork guideline to provide us the preferred format.  However, we can generally take any file formats available. If additional time is required to convert your file or clean up the logo artwork, $30 one time artwork charge may be applied. You will be contacted for prior approval for any additional charges.
  • General Guideline

    Graphics prefer .PDF, .AI or .EPS format
    No fonts smaller than 12 pt
    All graphics converted to black and white
    All fonts converted to outlines
    No lines thinner than 0.5 pt
  • Vector versus Raster (Bitmap/JPG) Graphics

    Standard Engraving Template Modern engraving technologies require that engraving layout and text are created as vector graphics.
    Computer graphics are divided into two types: raster (or bitmap/JPG) images and vector images. The major difference is that vector image is independent of size - it can be scaled to any size without compromising image quality. This is not true for raster or bitmap/JPG graphics. The edges of bitmaps often appear japed when resized. In addition, vector images can be easily manipulated in terms of color conversion and color substitution, and again the quality is going to be 100% sharp.
    Raster images are composed of grids of pixels. Vector images are composed of mathematical statements that describe points and connecting paths.
    Vector files can be created with Adobe application. Adobe vector formats are .AI, .EPS, .PDF files. It is not enough to paste your bitmap image into Adobe Program and save it as an .EPS, .PDF, or .AI file. Raster images can be saved as a vector image – but first they have to undergo a conversion process. Each cluster of pixels has to be converted to a vector object. Only then these vector objects can be grouped together and saved under a vector file extension. Sometimes images can be converted by using automated processes, other times they need to be redrawn from scratch as a series of vector object.
  • Standard font samples

    Here is our standard font collection. You can also pick any other font of your choice. Just let us know the name of the font or email us the font file directly.